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To apply for professional membership a candidate must apply in writing to Dean PDP providing the following details

  1. Details of Co-facilitation labs done including dates, event and names of co-facilitators,
  2. Review forms received for 4 labs co-facilitated
  3. *Letter of Recommendation (LOR) from 3 professional members they have worked with

Process :

  1. The process for applying for professional membership, including requests for LOR may begin only after the Intern has completed all required co-facilitations. It is recommended that the candidate will initiate the process well in advance or at least 45 days before an EB Meeting.
  2. Once the application and LORs are received, they will be reviewed by the Dean PDP and National PDP Committee
  3. Admission to professional membership will be given by the Executive Board,

*LOR template is available in on the website. The Intern will initiate the process by sending a request to the concerned professional members. Completed LORs to be mailed directly to Dean PDP,

NB: PDP Candidates who start their Internship in / after WE 2016, the first co-facilitation lab done is for learning and will not be available for obtaining a LOR

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