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T-Group Programs
Basic Lab on Human Process : BLHP (Personal Effectiveness Lab)
The Basic Lab on Human Processes provides a learning opportunity where the participants can:
  Become aware of their own patterns of behaviour
  Know the impact of their behaviour on others
  Know the impact of others' behaviour on themselves
  Improve their effectiveness in interpersonal interactions to derive greater mutual
satisfaction from them
  Discover their potential to live more effectively and meaningfully
This introductory lab is for all individuals who are interested in enhancing interpersonal effectiveness and competence and exploring their potential.
Participants are drawn from varied backgrounds such as
  Operations Managers and Executives
  HRD, Training, Personnel and Industrial Relations Professionals
  Marketing, Sales and Client Servicing Professionals
  Team or Group leaders and coordinators
  TQM and ISO Supervisors
  Counsellors and Therapists
  School and University Faculty
  Professionals from NGOs, rural development, voluntary and social service organizations
ISABS programmes focus on building competency in personal effectiveness and making it available for organizational and societal growth and development. Participants in ISABS labs are likely to become more sensitive to their and others' feelings, needs and behaviours as well as understand their own and others' behaviour more clearly.


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