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In the current global scenario of fast-paced change, two key competencies seem to have become critical for individuals, groups and organizations

  • The ability to cope with a high degree of ambiguity and provide leadership amidst uncertainty  
  • The ability to build work-groups or teams and facilitate effectiveness in human systems

The T Group Laboratory methodology also called a Human Process Lab, L Group or Sensitivity Training, focuses on 'unstructured', experiential,non-directive processes of learning. An essential part of the Professional Development Program (PDP) is its contribution to increased self-awareness and understanding and development of group skills that in turn help improve team work and consensual decision-making processes.

The PDP of ISABS is aimed at developing professionals capable of facilitating experience-based learning in groups and organisations. The journey through PDP assists in the development of Professional Members of ISABS, with human process competencies tofacilitateself-growth and the understanding of group dynamics, among people who participate in such Human Process Labs.

Through in-depth exposure to process competencies at the individual and group level as well as through practical experience (especially during the internship phase), the PDP participants are supported and expected to acquire competence both in the areas of personal development as well as group development. The participants develop a conceptual base in the field of Applied Behavioural Science through experiential and theory-oriented learning, commitment to human process values and professional ethics of ISABS.

The guidelines have been developed and evolved over the years. Below is an outline of the objectives and procedures of the PDP system of ISABS that is dynamicallyintended forself-learning and acquiring professional competencies of facilitating group processes.

For whom

  • Individuals already in or wishing to take up the role as a change agent for individuals, groups and institutions 
  • HR, Learning and OD Specialists, Managers and Consultants in Corporate, Educational and Social Sector organizations
  • Individuals who would like to develop competence in T Group facilitation and become a Professional Member of ISABS

This document describes the process and systemic requirements to be fulfilled at each phase of the PDP program.

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