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Professional Excellence

ISABS aspires to uphold ethics and practice values of respect for diversity, transparency, compassion, humility, volunteerism, civic responsibility and continuous learning through the Professional Excellence function.

For Professional Members, excellence means a demonstrated proficiency and ability to derive expected learning outcomes and objectives for labs and other programmes. They achieve this by upholding core institutional values to build a climate of empowerment and interdependence between participants and themselves and among facilitators. They strive to be role models for the values of the institution. They invest in continuous learning to build knowledge and share their insights through concept presentations, writing and publications regularly.

This commitment to continuous improvement is demonstrated by Professional Members when they strive to:

BE, authentic, courageous, congruent, fair, respectful and responsible, living up to the values of sensitivity training and ISABS.
    DO their best and to improve own competence, showing proficiency in skills and practices.
    KNOW more, through continuous reflection, learning, knowledge building, and clarification of norms and boundaries.

This commitment to Professional Excellence is fostered through specific activities in the institution, such as:

Clinicing during ISABS programmes and consultancies.
    Learning sessions for Professional Members in events.
    Peer review between co-facilitators.
    Professional Members' connects.
    PE Workshops on skill development and/or self renewal for Professional Members.
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