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Phase B
Coverage and Duration
This is a 2 week lab which has the following broad objectives:
  • Diagnosing human processes in self and group
  • Linking experiences with relevant theory and concepts
  • Experimenting with interventions that facilitate exploration at different levels – individual, interpersonal and group; and practicing process diagnosis for individuals and groups
Learning Agenda
Week 1
  • Become aware of one's need for influence, acceptance, recognition, etc. and their impact on stances and roles taken
  • Diagnosing group processes (inclusion/exclusion, gender, leadership & power, authority, decision making, etc.)
  • Experientially understanding the relationship between one’s personality and one’s presence In the group
  • Experiment with articulating behavioral processes noticed in self and group
  • Examine conscious and unconsciously held beliefs and values and their impact on facilitation
Week 2
  • Explore and understand conflicts between person and role
  • Develop the ability to identify conscious and unconscious group processes underlying interactions in the group
  • Reflect and examine interventions made - levels, intention & impact
  • Become aware of deeply held attitudes to learning, one's style (I’d prefer the word ‘model’ to ‘style’)of facilitation & their links
  • Become aware of boundaries of role and task
  • The candidate should have completed Phase A. Completion of all logs, including the work done during Phase A and inter-phase work is essential for entry into Phase B.
  • The candidate is cleared for Phase B by the Mentor and the Regional PDP Committee or Dean PDP for those regions not having a Regional Coordinator.
Inter-phase work before starting internship:
  1. Log on the experience and learnings of Phase B to be submitted within 4 months of attending the event
  2. A log on readings on any two of the following areas:
    1. Gender dynamics in organizations / society
    2. Social exclusion and inclusion processes (based on caste, class, gender and other differences)
    3. Dealing functionally with attraction and sexuality issues
    4. Group dynamics, conscious and unconscious processes in groups
  3. Any one of the following:
    1. Log on experimenting with individual and group level interventions in a back home situation or
    2. Log on observation of group dynamics at a back-home meeting
  4. Research Project (applying behavioural science approach) to be done individually or in a small group. The research project and log covers briefly the area of research, hypothesis that needed to be tested, methodology followed, findings and conclusion.
Readiness for Internshipimplies
  The candidate has demonstrated in Phase B the above competencies to a large extent, as clearly stated by the facilitators in the candidate's feedback form.
  The candidate has completed the inter-phase work between Phase B and Internship as outlined above
  The Dean PDP certifies that the candidate has fulfilled the inter-phase requirement for entering internship.
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