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Pre Professional Development (PPD) Stage
Any person who wishes to join the Professional Development Program (PDP) of ISABS must fulfill certain Pre PDP requirements as detailed below:
  Complete and submit the Admission Form
  Attended the ALHP lab and been cleared for PDP**
  Submit and have cleared the 3 logs listed below to their respective Regional Coordinator.
**The time between attending the ALHP lab and the Phase A lab should not exceed 2 years. If it is more than 2 years, the candidate must repeat the ALHP lab.
Pre PDP Logs
1. Basic understanding of aspects of Applied Behavioral Science (1000 words)*
The purpose of the log is to ascertain basic interest and exposure to basic applied behavioural science theories and concepts.  
  A write-up about what the person has read and understood in the field of humanities and social sciences – such as psychology, sociology, anthropology, education, learning, management, behavioural science, etc. He/she may consider reading already done or make use of the reading materials provided during the BLHP and ALHP labs or articles in ISABS newsletter, “Here and Now”.
  The write-up must clearly establish understanding of the concepts in the field of behavioural science and the reasons why they appealed to him or her.

Individuals who would like to develop competence in T Group facilitation and become a Professional Member of ISABS

  The names of books/articles/ journals and authors that the person has referred to must be mentioned.
2. Autobiographical Sketch (800 – 1000 words)*
This log is a personal story of one’s life with a focus on significant phases and processes of development. It is not a chronological rendition of one’s life events but rather a deeper reflection and understanding of self as a person – the person I have been, I am and hope to become, typical feelings, values, belief system, behavioural patterns and one’s understanding of how they got formed. It is a sort of cognitive picture of oneself.
A few key aspects a participant could focus in the log are:
  Personal life journey so far - from childhood to where one is today.
  Significant milestones as they grew up which have made the person they are.
  Self-understanding and perceptions - as a person and where they see themselves in their life path today.
  Personal dreams and aspirations, where they would like to go – in their personal and professional life and how they see it connected with PDP. Their present role at work and its connection to the expected learning in PDP.
This document describes the process and systemic requirements to be fulfilled at each phase of the PDP program.
3. ALHP Lab Experience (1000 words)*
  This log will describe learner’s journey in the BLHP/ALHP that they attended – significant insights and learnings about self, experience of building relationships in the lab, patterns of behavior discovered and also experienced repetitively in back home situations, experimentation done and risks taken to behave differently during the course of the lab or after, personal issues that were identified, areas of future growth and learning that have emerged for self.
  The processes and themes occurring in the group during the course of the lab
  They may record their learning from the observations and feedbacks they received from co-participants and the Facilitators - also about their initiatives and impacts they made in the group.
  These aspects can be linked to understanding of self as described in the autobiographical sketch
Completed logs should be sent to the Regional Coordinator. Logs will be reviewed by the Regional PDP Committee who will also convey acceptance into the program
*The number of words specified is a guideline, and need not be restrictive.
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