• The President will be elected by all Professional Members in "GOOD STANDING".
  • The Executive Board shall appoint a returning 0fficer who will invite nominations for the post of the President, ensure consent of the nominees, before sending the ballot papers under Registered cover to all professional Members for election. The Returning Officer, will give a notice of at least 15 days for return of ballots by the Members.
  • After completion of the election of the President, a meeting of the General Body shall be called for the purpose of the election of the other office Bearers and Members of the Executive Board and the Executive Committee. At this meeting, the President Elect will propose a slate for the Executive Board for their consideration and approval. Acceptance by two-third majority of all the Professional Members in "Good standing", present at the Meeting of the General Body , or by simple majority of the returns (if postal ballot is used), will be necessary for the approval of the new Executive Board.
  • The Members of the Standing Committees will also require the acceptance of a two-third majority of the Professional members in good standing present at the above Meeting of the General Body, or a simple majority of the returns (if postal ballot is used).
  • The term of all Office Bearers shall be for a period of three calendar years. An office Bearer may resign by addressing a letter to the President. The President may resign by addressing a letter to the Executive Board. The resignation will be effective only after the Board has accepted the same, and has elected an Interim President from amongst the remaining Members of the Board. An Office Bearer may also be removed from the office by a 2/3rd majority of the Professional Members in "Good Standing".
  • In case of prolonged absence or illness of the President and his/her inability to call the Meetings of the Executive Board or the General Body, as stipulated above, the secretary shall call these Meetings, and the Past President shall chair these meeting

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