ISABS shall have the following categories of Membership:

Professional Membership

Professional Membership will of offered to those individuals who have demonstrated competence in experience-based learning and are actively engaged in the same.

A Professional Member would be entitled to become a Life Member by making a one-time payment of the annual dues for ten years.

Associate Membership

Associate Membership will be available to those who are interested in the advancement of experience-based learning as well as applications of Behavioural Science.

Member Honoris-causa

An individual who has made outstanding contribution towards the promotion of Applied Behavioural Science may be invited to become member Honoris-causa.

Institutional Membership

Institutional Membership will be available to those institutions which have continuing interest in the furtherance of Applied Behavioural Science.

Membership Admission

Admission to Membership in various categories mentioned above shall be approved of by the executive Board of the Society.

Membership Fees

ISABS' Executive Board will, from time to time, determine the admission and Membership fees of various categories of Membership .

Membership Rights

All Professional Members in "Good Standing" shall have the right to review the objectives and structure and formulate bylaws and select various office Bearers and bodies, which in turn shall have the responsibility for the governance of the society. The right to dissolve the society and to decide on its assets and liabilities shall rest with them.

The Associate and Institutional Members shall have the right to participate, without voting rights, in the meetings of the General Body.

Cessation of Membership

Any professional/Associate/Institutional Member shall cease to be on the rolls of the Society by writing a letter addressed to that effect to the President. He/She will also cease to be on the rolls if he/she fails to pay his /her annual dues. However, such defaulting members may by reinstated on submitting a fresh application and payment of arrears/dues to the Society, plus readmission fee, if any.

A Professional / Associate/Institutional Member may be suspended or terminated from the rolls of the society, if in the judgment pH the Executive Board, he/she is found guilty of conduct detrimental to the best interests of the Society. The President shall, however, give an opportunity to the person concerned to explain the charges leveled against him/her. The Executive Board of ISABS shall have the final authority to make such a judgment.

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